Broadcast Projects

FM Bush Antenna

Materials needed:

  • 3 -5 meter length of common RG6 or RG59 (75 Ohm) coaxial cable

  • (1) Type F Connector

  • Utility knife and nail clippers

GPIO EAS Switching Relay

This relay, allows your station’s signal to pass through, unprocessed to transmitter chain. When a CAP alert code is active. DTR asserts pin 4 High on a DB9 RS232 cable with 5 Volts during the alert. When the alert is concluded, pin 4 goes low, allowing regular programming to pass through. At present this works with DB9 cables to trigger external relays and supports GPIO headers on Raspberry Pi computers. We would like to hear from anyone that has got this to work with a USB cable.

Parts List OpenBroadcaster EAS Relay

Kit with diagram and assembly photos of a complete RS232 GPIO Switching Relay . Special Thanks to Pippin Technical for this example parts kit for the completed switching relay. Full assembly takes 2 +/- hours for all mounting, cable prep, soldering and testing with the OB Alert Player. Might take a bit longer for groups that have never built one before.

Bill of Materials

Item Description Quantity Item No.
Broadcast Tools LR-5 latching relay 1 LR-5
Hammond Box ABS GRAY 6.58”L X 4.21”W 1 HM225-ND
Neutrik 3 Pin Nickel Male Inline XLR 2 NC3MX
Neutrik 3 Pin Nickel Female Inline XLR 4 NC3FX
DB15(F) Connector and Shell 1 Shop Supplies
Semiconductor, Wiring and dressing 1 Shop Supplies

Full assembly takes 2 +/- hours for all mounting, cable prep, soldering and testing with the OB Alert Player. Might take a bit longer for groups that have never built electronics projects before.

Note: LR-5 relay discontinued

 Internal View Switching Relay Internal View Pippin Technical Alert Relay

 Completed Switching Relay Completed Pippin Technical Alert Relay

HF Long Range Antenna

Materials needed:

  • Bare copper wire

  • ABS 1” Insulator rings

Pringles Chip Can Wifi Extender

Materials needed:

  • Empty Pringles Can

  • Type “N” connector

  • Bare copper wire

  • Soldering iron

DIY Hall of Fame

Switching Relay

Dave Currie of Faith FM Waterloo Ontario made this really professional EAS setup using a Intel NUC and a custom relay. Nice work Dave!

Front and Rear View Ver 1

Audio Connections Ver 1

20 Db Annenuation

Why bother buying a 15.00 inline adaptor when you can make it yourself with a few parts and a soldering iron.

‘H’ or ‘T’ pads may also be fabricated to accomplish the same level of attenuation.For a balanced signal, use an H-Pad: input_impedance=30k Ω, output_impedance=10k Ω. The example below provides approximately -20dB of attenuation using resistors R 1/2= 12k Ω; R 2=3.3k Ω; R 3/2=3.3k Ω (ground wires should also be connected).

DIY Hpad Attenuators DIY_Hpad.png

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