LIVE Remote Broadcasting

Live Streaming from LA Laptop

  1. Install OBPlayer on laptop and make sure dependencies are met

  2. Open up Pulse Audio Advanced Mixer

  3. Configure IceCast server to accept source from OBPlayer’s streaming tab

  4. Open Terminal, test and run command to start the Local Streamer application

cd /opt/obplayer/tools

/opt/obplayer/tools/local_streamer --IP <IP-of_the_remote_obplayer> -h 

Use with -h (Help) to list optional commands

System Buttons

Local Streamer is a RTP sender application. It sends audio packets over UDP from the laptop on which it is run to the player computer. Run the local streamer application and the pavucontrol program on the laptop from which you’re sending. Clicking the start button on the local streamer, will add an entry on the Recording tab of the volume control. Select additional USB audio adaptors in Pulse Audio volume control Configuration.


Right click on desktop to Create Launcher (shortcut named LIVE Mic) using this sample info below

Local Streamer Launcher

With the proper options set, this will create a floating window with Start and Stop buttons to turn on live streaming

Using Live Streaming

Create and schedule a LA play list on server

Click Streamer Launcher button to begin Live streaming source material from your laptop

On the LA interface click only the RTP button on the live assist. This will accept the incoming stream from laptop. A triangle > will appear next to the RTP button, count down timer will appear below and the VU meter in the lower left corner will show a signal levels present.

On the LA interface, From top right drop down menu, Select, Microphone, Monitor or currently playing material or Mic and Monitor so that you can talk over the media playing.

Connect\Disconnect buttons turn on\off the live mic\monitor.

You can now begin speaking into mic and set the level. You may also toggle MUTE.

When finished show, click Disconnect on LA and Stop on the floating window


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