Drupal Modules

Drupal Radio Modules

There are 3 modules available and a custom radio Theme template for Drupal 7.X CMS.

API Bridge

API Module

Takes info from the backend of an OBServer and presents this for display on a front end Drupal site.

Includes information that can be placed in a block; Now playing, What played the last 24 hours and What has recently been uploaded.

Media Player

Streaming Module

Provides a HTML5 embedded streaming player that plays the stream of your station without needing any additional plugins. It displays current Name of show, Artist, Song title and Station Logo.


Automatically updates the OBServer schedule and show information, dynamically displays to DJ profile and associates show graphics, start and stop times automatically on Front Page of Drupal site.

Content>Add New Content>Program Program name MUST BE IDENTICAL to the Show\PL name on media server. When both are identical, they become associated so that when an adjustment is done on scheduler the metadata will sync with the program and and graphic will automatically be updated.

User Group Permissions

Installed Modules

Host - Add, Update and Delete Program Content.

Content Manager - Add users and assign them to groups. Modify and Delete Programs


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