Embed Code Snippets

Embed Code Snippets

Easily create galleries and filters. Makes it easy to share embed links to your digital asset. Copy a few lines of Embed snippet code directly in your own external website to embed media resources such as; audio, images and videos.

Includes a HLS HTML5 Streaming media player that supports forward\backward navigation with Album Art and pop up Metadata info button

Turn on and off asset access in the back end with the Public field custom actions.


Add the following code just before the </body> end tag.

<script id="ob-stream-script">
  obstream = {};
  obstream.url = "https://ob.example.com"
  obstream.itemSortBy = "title";
  obstream.itemSortDir = "asc";
  obstream.itemDisplay = "title";
  var newScript = document.createElement("script");
  newScript.defer = true;
  newScript.src = "https://ob.example.com/tools/stream/stream.js?v="+Date.now();
  var thisScript = document.getElementById('ob-stream-script');
  thisScript.parentNode.insertBefore(newScript, thisScript);

Update obstream.url and newScript.src to point to your OpenBroadcaster installation.


  • data-category: Category ID to display all items within a category.
  • data-genre: Genre ID to display all items within a genre (sub-category).
  • data-media: Media ID to display a single media item.
  • data-modal-player: View media in a modal window.
  • data-grid: Display items in a grid format rather than a list format.
  • data-hide-download: Hide the download link.
  • data-hide-play: Hide the play link (click thumbnail to view still possible).
  • data-metadata: List of extra metadata to display using metadata link (uses JSON, see example 3).
  • data-genre-filter: Display genre (sub-category) filter.
  • data-name-filter: Display name filter.
  • data-limit: Number of items to limit per request.
  • data-offset: Number of items to skip before load (can be used with data-limit for pagination).
  • data-more: Load more items automatically (“auto”) or with link (“link”).


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