LIVE Assist

Mobile HTML5 Interface of OBPlayer

Accessed at IP and Port 23456 (default)


Enable Live Assist in Dashboard. Save and restart player to make active.

Live Assist Dashboard

Screen Elements

Hot Buttons

Created in Server as Live Assist PL (consisting of media items to appear as buttons) and dragged to bottom of Play List. Each PL added creates a column of buttons in LA interface.

Hot Buttons

Station Line In

Grey system button (Top Right) Line In audio source is local input on the player computer at the studio. It is not a remote connection. In the case of station with a soundcard, the digital satellite feed goes into that input. Works in conjunction with Line In scheduling feature feature on the server, where you can schedule line in content such as mixing board or satellite receiver. This is the exact some input that’s connected to the line in button on the live assist.

Remote RTP Incoming

System Buttons

Grey system button (Top Right) Remote RTP when clicked allows playing of live streaming media. Use local_streamer tool to receive incoming streams from laptop in field. On remote laptop, audio is encoded from source material, either from local media or from captured LIVE material.

System Buttons

LIVE Assist System Buttons.png

System buttons allow playing

  • line in of local machine

  • accept incoming RTP Stream

  • over ride to all stations


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