Quick Start Guide

Preamble instructions

This quick start guide will help you get media playing on a OBPlayer box managed by a OBServer. For instructions on setting up the OBServer and OBPlayer see this installation guide first.


Updated OBServer and OBPlayer that can see each other on same machine or on network.


Upload Media

  1. On the bottom Navigation Bar is a Media>New Media.

  2. Select the file you want to upload.

  3. Fill in mandatory info for Artist and Title.

  4. Save

  5. You’ll see the media you just added appear in the Media Sidebar

Create Default Playlist

If a Player cannot locate a schedule of media to be played, it will play the Default Playlist (DPL) in a loop to avoid dead air. Server will sync DPL with remote Player and play the contents of DPL.

Use Playlist menu to create a new playlist:

  1. Select Playlist>New

  2. Provide a Name and Description for the (DPL).

  3. From the media sidebar tab, click hold to drag and drop selections to the DPL. As items are added to the list of Playlist Items, the Total Duration for all items on the Playlist is updated. Add items to the Playlist until the desired duration is achieved. See Server Documentation for more details on creating Playlists.

  4. Status select visible. This allows users to see your show, but not change it. Private makes your show invisible to others. Public shares media through public API (if enabled)

  5. Save Data.

Create The Player

Provisioning New Player

Using the admin menu to access the player manager options:

  1. Expand existing Player Settings for a defined Player, or create a New Player.

  2. Provide a Name and Description for the Player.

  3. Enter the password that will be required for the Player to establish a sync connection to the Server.

  4. Leave IP blank.

  5. Set the media types that will be available for the Player. Ensure the Player is configured properly to handle the assigned media types.

  6. Set the Timezone that will be used for scheduling shows.

  7. Drag the Playlist created in the previous step (DPL) from the Playlist sidebar tab to the Default Playlist drop zone (the area highlighted during the drag operation).

  8. Save the Player.

When newly player is created, it will be assigned a unique Device-ID and show up in Schedule


Provision The Player

Access the Player Dashboard

Go to Sync Media Tab

‘Enable The Scheduler’ so the player tries to check managing server

  1. Device IDgenerated in Player Manager

  2. Password with the password you enter in server

  3. Sync URL


For initial testing set Media Sync Mode to Remote

SCREEN SHOT Enable Scheduler

Sync the Player to Server

Start up Messages

Restart player with Admin>Delete DB and restart Forces schedule and media sync refresh and take you back to main Status page.

Observe sync connection messages. If no Red Errors then player is provisioned and is now run from server. You will see media being downloaded.

Once media is finished downloading, it will begin playing.

You will be able to hear audio coming out of Pulse Audio (used as default)


Search Media

Your media is now in the database and can be searched

All searches are based on the parameters you include when you upload your tracks. Please be accurate as possible entering Metadata when uploading tracks.

Under the media tab you will find

  • Simple Quick search. Start typing and search results will appear.

  • Advanced Apply filters for: Artist, Title, Genre, Comments, Duration (in seconds).

Check out the drop down menus for all the options.

Click the Add button to apply the filter.

To get out of Advanced search click the Simple link.

Too many filters may not give you a result

Schedule a Show

Once the Player is provisioned and playing the DPL, go into Server and schedule a Playlist and Media

  1. Open Schedule on the bottom navigation bar on server

  2. Locate Playlist from sidebar and drag it into the schedule.

  3. Enter the date and times parameters and show is set into the schedule.

  4. Save

Media items and schedule information will automatically sync from server to player.

Intitial show lock-in time will require at least 20 minutes of lead time before playout of a scheduled or default playlist, thus ensuring all required media are downloaded before a show begins.

For more details, go to Trouble Shooting


Find a bug? Want to request a feature? Submit your issue to OBServer or OBPlayer

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